How designing a Hip Hop flyer with Photoshop ?

Designer / Monday, February 10th, 2020

Do you want to organize a Hip Hop Party? Do you want to have many people to attend? Why not create a flyer to publicize your event? A flyer is both easy to produce and does not require a lot of budgets while helping you reach your target audience. Some tips on how to design a Hip Hop flyer with Photoshop.

What makes a standout Hip Hop Flyer?

To attract public attention and encourage them to participate in your rap duels or your Hip Hop event, your flyer must stand out and arouse curiosity.

To do this, your flyer must represent as faithfully as possible the atmosphere of your event. The colors, images, and fonts that you will use for the design of your flyer should reflect the Hip Hop style.

Do not hesitate to use vibrant colors with pronounced contrasts so that your flyer can immediately catch the eye. You can use your own images or download one online. The key is to use an image that best represents your hip hop event. So, for a street dance duel, for example, use an image of hip hop dancer in an unusual posture, for a hip hop concert, choose images of artists who will be present.

How designing a Hip Hop flyer with Photoshop ?

How to design a Hip Hop flyer with Photoshop?

If you have no concept of design, the best is to use a template to make your hip hop flyer. A template was created by a professional designer, you just have to change its content. On ClubPSD, you can download one.

Then use Photoshop to modify your template. Once opened in Photoshop, your template consists of several “layers”. These layers contain the elements that you can change on your template. You can thus access the background layer and modify its color or add an image. You can also modify the image of your template by clicking on the corresponding layer. You have the possibility to change all the elements of the “layers” of your template.

Save your work when you are done and print your flyer.